WXAV present at College Radio Day trip to the White House

Miryam Villarreal

November 9th, 2016


On Thursday October 27th, two SXU students participated in a visit to the White House brought by the College Radio Foundation. SXU’s Mia Morgan, WXAV program director, and Sean Anderson, WXAV music director, were two of the approximately ten students who participated in the trip.

The College Radio Foundation is a non profit organization that promotes college radio stations in the United States. It was founded six years ago by Dr. Rob Quicke, general manager of WPSC in William Paterson University; and, Peter Kreten, SXU’s very Director of Student Media.

Ten universities were present: University of Texas at Arlington (UTA Radio), Boston College (WZBC), William Paterson University (WPSC), Montclair State University (WMSC), University of Colorado Boulder (Radio 1190), Grand Valley State University (WCKS), Texas Tech University (KTXT), East Stroudsburg University (WESS), Neumann University (WNUW), and St. Xavier University (WXAV).

The Xavierite spoke with both Morgan and Anderson about their experience.

“Something that kind of pushed me or at least pushed me or gave me another career path is actually being on those grounds and standing on the drive way and looking at the White House and looking half the press briefing through the window and having the White House press badge, was something that was very honorable and something that I kind of want again . . . I think it gave me a different goals view maybe possibly get back to the White House because being there once, wasn’t enough for me [laughs],” said Anderson.

“Something that I learned was to not be so nervous about asking questions. We are never going to get the opportunity again, so just go for it. And I think I can tie that back in here [to better] interviewing. It hasn’t really hit me ‘I went to the White House.’ It is just so crazy, I’d love to continue to be a part of it, even behind the scenes, it would be amazing to just be in the back because you are working all the magic  . . . I think it will prompt me to show more initiative, get things done, and to run the station as if we were running the White House [laughs],” said Morgan.

In addition, both agreed that this trip granted them valuable experience they will bring to WXAV. They explained that interviewing politicians is something they “got to have hands on,” and will increase their interviewing skills overall. “I think it did make us better interviewers and it did make us prepare more ,” said Anderson.

The day before the sessions took place, Morgan and Anderson explored the surroundings. Some of the touristic attractions they saw were the Memorial Washington Monument and the Vietnam Veterans Monument. In addition, during their trip they got to meet Cleve Walker, one of Muhammad Ali’s best friend.

With the purpose of celebrating College Radio Day, on November 4th, WXAV had a 24 hour streaming starting at 8am and concluded at 8am on Saturday. WXAV had music, on-air talent and several bands as guests, such as Fort Frances and Black Bear Rodeo.

Miryam Villarreal

Senior News Editor

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