North Side vs. Southside: The Age-Old Rivalry That Will Never Go Away

March 27th, 2017

Baseball season is back and Opening Day for your Chicago White Sox and Chicago Cubs is April 3! When it comes to these two teams, there has (and always will be) a rivalry between them. Lots of heated debates arise and friendships are tested anytime this touchy subject is brought up. What exactly is it that makes both of these fanbases tick? To settle this debate, I decided to pick out a few topics and key points of each team and decide which one is better in that aspect. Let’s break down this timeless debacle.


Field – As a Sox fan, I really hate to admit it, but Wrigley Field is slightly better. Being the second-oldest ballpark, the Friendly Confines holds a lot of history. From the classic ivy covered walls in the outfield to the marquee on the exterior of the ballpark to the iconic hand-operated scoreboard, these are just a few of the memorable things that make this stadium a classic. As for the Sox, let’s be honest, the new ballpark name is awful (quite embarrassing to be honest). The field has taken on different names throughout the years and it seems that we have officially hit an all-time low with this one. Even the ginormous arrow pointing down is depressing (hopefully not a sign of how things will play out this season).


Mascot – The award for best mascot goes to the ever-entertaining Southpaw. He’s got the moves (the classic locking his fingers together and moving his arms in a wave motion thing), personality, and loveable qualities that make him an amusing character. He is always pumping up the crowd, whether he is on top of the dugout tossing t-shirts or doing something silly. Anytime you watch a broadcast of the game on TV, you will always see him at some point in the front row messing with the people around him or trying to distract the opposing team’s pitcher over on the mound. Although the Cubs mascot, Clark,  is a cute looking bear, he does not have the same level of entertainment as Southpaw. Another factor is that Southpaw has been around longer than Clark. Southpaw made his debut in 2004 and Clark came around in 2014.


Food – Let’s be honest, food is food. Both ballparks offer an array of delectable things to eat while you take in the game like pizza, hot dogs, brats, and so on. I personally do not eat hot dogs or brats so my choices are usually limited to your typical ballpark favorites like a soft pretzel, nachos, etc. The Sox do offer a unique menu item that happens to be my personal favorite. It is called the Irish nacho helmet and it’s a green souvenir helmet that contains waffle fries topped with cheese, sour cream, bacon, and chives (as seen in my picture). This is an absolute must when you go to a Sox game. Overall, there is no competition when it comes to food.



Fans – When it ultimately comes down to the fanbase, Sox and Cubs fans are passionate about their team. No matter what happens to them, they stick by them through thick and thin. I am bias because I think Sox fans are the best but I do give Cubs fans credit for holding out and not losing hope on their team when they were not playing very well. I personally think the Cubs may have (and still are) drawn out celebrating their World Series win a little too much which is a little annoying. Call me bitter, but it is what it is.


Since I am a Sox fan, I am a little bias based on my answers, but I do commend the Cubs for a few of their attributes. I do not think this crosstown rivalry will ever die, it will live on for as long as these two teams are around. It is always fun to have that competitive spirit against each other and I think that is something that a lot of people enjoy, even if it does result in confrontation. Which side are you on?


Elizabeth Granato

Senior Features Editor

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