Give Opening Acts A Chance

The Authentic Perspective

March 30th, 2017


Seeing your favorite musician or band live in concert is always exciting. Except, you have to sit through the opening acts first. Boring, right?

Not exactly. Opening acts are often skipped out on or paid little attention to by concertgoers, when they should really give the opening acts a chance. You have been given a chance for a new music experience!

Opening acts are often overlooked because they are usually smaller, less popular groups. But, your favorite popular artists now were once opening for larger acts. For example, Taylor Swift opened for Rascal Flatts, Paramore opened for Jimmy Eat World, and Lady Gaga opened for The Pussycat Dolls.

The opening act will most likely play the same type of music that the main artist plays, and are handpicked by the artist themselves. Opening acts are basically personalized recommendations from your favorite artist, and you have been given the opportunity to experience both.

Opening acts are a crucial part in discovering new music. Just because they are not too popular, does not mean that you will not like their music. I have become a fan of so many new artists and bands because they were opening acts at concerts. And in the end, you have more favorite artists and bands that will lead to more concerts, and more new opening acts!

Jill Augustine
Senior Viewpoints Editor 

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