Communication Seniors Present Senior Seminar Events

Miryam Villarreal

March 29th, 2017

Every year, SXU seniors majoring in Communication go through a year-long Senior Seminar course. For the first semester, the students conduct a literature review of a chosen topic and do research, writing and analyzing of concepts. For the second semester, students apply the information researched and present it in either a video/audio documentary, an original research project , or an event.

The students presenting an event showcased them during the last couple of weeks. The first event was held by SXU senior, Erin Lyons, on Wednesday, March 15th. Her event was entitled Rally for Rare and was held in the 4th Floor Board Room. Lyons conducted research on Apert Syndrome and invited Kerry Lynch as a guest speaker. Lynch’s daughter, Mary Cate Lynch, was born with Apert Syndrome. Lynch shared her experiences and Mary Cate’s journey with the audience.

Apert Syndrome is a genetic disorder characterized by craniosynostosis (premature fusion of skull bones). It affects one in every 160,000 births. Treatment includes surgery to correct abnormal bone growth of the mid-face, skull, and jaw.

“The best part of my senior seminar project, and just putting together this event, was just reaching out to someone local that is truly trying to make a difference and also implementing that into my academic life with my classmates and just student body, in general. I think it’s really awesome to be able to support those out there who are trying to make a difference and I hope that, by doing this event, I can aid to that process,” said Lyons.

The next event was held on Friday, March 17th by SXU senior, Elizabeth Rapacz. The event entitled Peace Village’s Murder Mystery Fundraiser and was held at Prairie Landing, Peace Village. Tickets were $30 for students and $60 for general and included a four course Irish meal and drinks (for those over 21).

Attendees were encouraged to wear costumes since it was an interactive event in which they demonstrated their best acting. The proceeds were donated to Peace Village, a non-profit retirement community that offers assisted and independent living.

Lastly, It’s a Match was held on Friday, March 23rd by Bonnie Simmons. Simmons conducted research on ghosting, catfishing, and relationship indiscretions. A panel consisting of Communication assistant professor, Dr. Blake Paxton; Psychology assistant professor, Dr. Angela Pirlott,; SXU student, Paige Sammuels; and Psychology graduate, Danny Wallas, discussed the topics.

Simmons believes that dating is a relevant topic to society, however, overlooked. “People think it’s not as important as other topics such as politics, resume, interview skills etc. Topics like these are often discussed in the college environment because it’s seen as essential . . . I feel like it’s also important to get students to examine how important it is to obtain better communication skills, not only in the workplace, but other important settings, such as dating. Rather, it’s online or face-to -face. Overall, I think that it was important to highlight the millennial generation, and the tech-savvy world surrounding them, and showcase how these two factors influenced/affect the way they communicate with one another in a romantic setting. By acknowledging this, millennials are able to examine their behaviors and try to make sense of it, in order to improve or make changes that better suit their dating space,” said Simmons.

All Communication Senior Seminar presentations, including video/audio productions, original research, and event summaries will be showcased on April 7th, from 5:00pm to 9:00pm, and April 8th, from 10:00am to 4:30pm in McGuire Hall. It’s free and open to the student body. Students majoring in Communication are encouraged to attend.

Miryam Villarreal

Senior News Editor

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