Chance the Rapper Influences More Concerts at the White Sox Ballpark

Susan Huerta

September 20th, 2017


Chance the Rapper Robert Gauthier/Los Angeles Times/TNS

Last fall, Chance the Rapper initiated the first ever concert at the Chicago White Sox ballpark. The event took place on September 24th, 2017  selling out instantly. A second offer for tickets was forced to be which then included tickets available for seats  located behind the stage, meaning that audience didn’t have view of any performances. The concert was praised for its line-up that varied in its many talented artist like Alicia Keys, Shrillex, John Legend, and surprise guest Kanye West. In fact when Kanye West walked onto the stage unannounced rapping, Father Stretch my Hand, in the midst of  intermission, thousands of fans ran out of their lines in the concession stands and into the stadium. The impact was so massive security had to stand to the side to avoid the herd.

The concert, Magnificent Coloring Day was an nearly a twelve hour concert. A different type of festive formed when fans ate french fries out of baseball cap bowls and watched nine total performances. The live performances were phenomenal creating movement in every individual. The open venue allowed the crowd to breathe  and the atmosphere created by the night sky was breathtaking.

Chance the Rapper, a Chicago native and dedicated White Sox fan wanted to create a powerful show that promoted positivity, gospel, music, vividness and respect. Chance is recognized for being not only charitable, but for also being actively involved in the bettering of the Chicago Public School system.

Last fall,just shortly after his successful concert, Governor Bruce Rauner declared in a meeting with Chance that CPS would be facing even more budget cuts. As a result, Chance donated one million dollars to CPS hoping not only alleviate the impact if the cuts, but also to distribute funding more equally.

The combination of the concert’s maddening success and Chance the Rapper’s influence on bettering the South Side Chicago community led to the planning of another concert. Ideas were sparked amongst the Illinois Sports Facilities Authority, the organization in charge of managing the Guaranteed Rate Field and Get IN Chicago. Get IN Chicago is an organization the focuses on the reducing youth violence and addressing systemic issues in Chicago homes by providing counseling, leadership programs, and producing funds.

The two groups began to plan what was to be known as the Sox Park Music Fest. The goal was to create an all day event featuring a hip-hop influenced line up resulting in the gathering of youth while promoting the end to gun violence. The line up they produced included artist like Macklemore, Lupe Fiasco, and Fifth Harmony.

Gun violence has been a staggering issue in Chicago, primarily the south side. Last year alone, nearly eight hundred people were killed due to shootings. The problem has even led to the White House to consider taking federal involvement. It is no surprise why this is a focal point the two organizations wanted to address.

The fest was set to take place this passed Saturday, September 16th, 2017. Unfortunately the event was cancelled altogether just two weeks before the show was to go on. Rumors suggest the Sox Park Music Fest was cancelled due to poor organization. Also there are plans to hold the event in 2018.

The promotion of ending gun violence is a much needed in Chicago.

Susan Huerta

Features Reporter

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