The Split of Brangelina VS Jennifer Aniston

The Authentic Perspective

October 1st, 2016

jennifer-aniston-01-800Recently, the world was shocked to learn that Brangelina is no more. Angelina Jolie filed to divorce Brad Pitt on September 19th. And, as usual, people took this celebrity event and ran with it-all the way to Jennifer Aniston.

Jennifer Aniston divorced Brad Pitt in 2005 and the world was shocked by that event as well. If anyone was to mention Bradgelina in these past 11 years, there was always that hidden implication of Jennifer Aniston, the elephant in the room. You could not talk about Brad Pitt without being “Team Jennifer” or “Team Angelina.”

As soon as the Internet learned about the divorce, Brangelina was trending, and Jennifer Aniston was right behind. People shared memes of Jennifer Aniston and blasted her on social media, wanting to know her reaction to the divorce.

It has been 11 years since Jennifer Aniston divorced Brad Pitt. She has been in a seemingly happy relationship with Justin Theroux since 2011. She has clearly tried moving on from the Brad Pitt drama, but Brad and Angelina’s divorce-an event that does not truly involve Jennifer-is dragging her back into the drama.

If you think that Jennifer Aniston is happy about their divorce, then you must think she is also happy to see a broken family and 6 children have to go through the trauma of their parent’s broken relationship. This is, in fact, what the Internet believes.  

The media and the good people of the Internet are obsessed with celebrity women rivalry, especially if it is rivalry over an attractive male celebrity. Why is it so difficult for us to accept that Jennifer and Brad’s relationship ended, and they both moved on? Blasting the imagined rivalry between the two women on the Internet is just plain sexist. There is nothing entertaining about trying to exploit two women for their supposed love over a man.

If they were not celebrities, it would be pretty weird to keep posting on social media for 11 years about how your Aunt Michelle divorced your Uncle Leo, and now your Uncle Leo loves your New Aunt Betty, but you think your Old Aunt Michelle, who clearly moved on to her new husband Phil, still loves your Uncle Leo. If you kept posting about this for 11 years, everyone would unfollow you.

However, Jennifer, Angelina, and Brad are celebrities, and they have to deal with this.  But, they only have to deal with this because we make them. We forget that they are regular people too, who are trying to move on from their past relationships. So you need to leave Jennifer Aniston out of this and stop trying to exploit her, or I will mention your least favorite ex boyfriend, Herbert, next time I see you, and we will see how you like it.


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Jill Augustine

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