Student Response to “Save Campus Ministry” Petition

Written by: The Xavierite Editorial Board

November 1st, 2017

Candlelit vigil sitting on the font at McDonough Chapel. Photo Credit: “Save Campus Ministry” petition page

“My idea for Saint Xavier would be that every single policy, every single practice, every single program that we do, we have great confidence that it’s meeting the needs and the wants of the largest population of our students.”

Those words were said by President Laurie M Joyner during an interview in the inaugural issue of the Bell. Did that happen last week?

Recent events related to President Joyner and her decision to move her office into Campus Ministry has sparked a controversy between administration, students, and alumni.

The Xavierite feels that President Joyner’s intentions were not meant to be malicious. However, she used her position of power without any attempt to consult with the parties affected by her decision.

The critical reason as to why there has been such an outcry in the community is because of President Joyner’s lack of communication.

In an effort to combat President Joyner’s decision regarding the chapel, students and alumni formed a petition that gathered over 5,000 signatures. This petition allowed more members of the community to be informed on this issue.

A meeting was held last Friday in an attempt to address the outcry from students and alumni, but there was only a single representative present.

President Joyner had an opportunity to rectify the situation during the meeting, but she failed to appear. Since the incident, there has been nothing but silence on her end.

While the silence of the President continues to anger the Saint Xavier community, many students part of Campus Ministry want to let Administration know it is not anger fueling their fight.

Students say that moving the President into the Administrative wing of the Mercy Ministry Center oversteps the boundary between student space and Administration.

Moreover, those involved with Campus Ministry say the basis for their fight stems from the memories and community created within the walls of the Mercy Ministry Center.

To move Campus Ministry out of this space, students say those memories will be lost, and the community would have to be rebuilt from the ground up.

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