Student Leadership at Saint Xavier University

Cheyanne Daniels

February 7th, 2018

2017-18 Student Leaders at Leadership Training — SXU Student Affairs

Every year, Saint Xavier University offers students the opportunity to apply for leadership positions and this year’s application process has officially begun!

Known as the X-Factor, the application process encourages students to embrace challenges and their leadership skills by joining different student organizations.

Being a student leader is considered a privilege, and one that looks good on resumes.

There are a multitude of different leadership positions, each designed to engage and work out different kinds of leadership skills.

Some of the leadership positions include being a Cougar Peer Educator, a member of the Saint Xavier Council, a Resident Assistant, or a Resident Peer Academic Leader.

Cougar Peer Educators (CPEs) serve as a resource for first year students.

Throughout the year, CPEs create and lead programs and services that urge the first year students to join in on the fun in the SXU community.

CPEs also help support students with balancing their new lifestyle as a college student, whether that be a commuter college student or a resident college student.

The members of the Saint Xavier Council stand as the voice of the student body. The three branches of the Council are the Senate, Programming Board, and the Business & Finance Branch.

Together, the three branches work together to share student opinions and concerns with administrators, sponsor new and annual campus-wide programs, activities, special events, and allocate the Student Activity Fund to registered student organizations.

Resident Assistants (RAs) hold an important position at the University. RAs act as facilitators of dialogue to the students who live on-campus.

RAs offer peer education and support, in addition to acting as a role model for all SXU students.

Similar to RAs are Resident Peer Academic Leaders (RPALs). RPALs also live on campus. Like RAs, they serves as an academic role model for resident students.

RPALs host study sessions, create academic bulletin boards, and support residents as they foster individual relationships.

These are just a few of the many student leadership positions on campus. Not to mention, most student leadership positions are paid!

Each leadership position has its own application.

Student leaders are chosen during the spring semester, and often go through different training and workshops during the summer before classes start.

Tajah Thomas, a Cougar Peer Educator and Resident Peer Academic Leader, says she has enjoyed her time as a student leader this year and is looking forward to re-applying for positions for next semester.

“I love being a student leader,” Thomas says, “We help other students by inspiring them to help themselves and others.

“We are helping them sow back into the community that has provided a service for them and helped build them up.

“Nothing is better than hearing a resident say, ‘I would love to be an RPAL,’ because that means I had some impact on them, an impact that they want to share with others.”

Nancy Lesnicki, a Cougar Peer Educator, said her experience as a student leader has allowed her the opportunity to grow.

“Being a student leader has allowed me to grow as a person and as a leader while helping others grow as well,” Lesnicki explained.

“By leading others, we may inspire others to show initiative and passion in what they do, just as we are hardworking and passionate in our positions as student leaders.

“Confidence and leadership can be contagious!” Lesnick continued, “Luckily, Saint Xavier has just the right students to pass on and spread those values.”

Students who have questions about the leadership process should contact

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