Online Dating: Yay or Nay?

Amanda Gollaz

October 18th, 2017

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Nowadays, I’ve been noticing a trend in online dating. I had the opportunity to ask a couple people how they felt about online dating and also others who haven’t tried online dating and their reasoning.

Some said they’ve never tried online dating because they’re afraid of someone being a “catfish.” A catfish is someone who fakes being someone who they are not.

Others have said online has been okay for them although there hasn’t been any success in it, but it’s fun to meet someone new.

Here is the part of the article where I tell you my opinion about it. Let me tell you about my failures of online dating.

Prepare yourself because I have very interesting stories. About a year ago or so, I met someone on Tinder.

The reason for online dating was because I was a busy person so I never went out to meet new people. My friend recommended Tinder because she met her boyfriend on Tinder.

I always told myself never do online dating because there are creeps out there, but I decided to give it a shot.

I met Mr. Danny. Danny was this 6 foot 4 tall, dark, and handsome looking guy (every girl’s dream).

He is a type of person who lives in the moment and doesn’t care what anyone thinks, which is one reason I liked him.

I didn’t care that he didn’t have a job, well I didn’t at first. I didn’t care that he didn’t have a car, at first.

I was happy and content that he was getting an education, but after a while I started to get annoyed. After a couple months, things were falling apart.

I began to get annoyed of having to drive everywhere, pay for basically everything, and him not offering anything.

We went out for breakfast one day, which he called it a “breakfast date” and I actually thought it was pretty cute, but what wasn’t cute was when his dad showed up.

His dad ended up paying for our breakfast because he said he didn’t have any money. It was kind of embarrassing to me.

I couldn’t take it anymore so I decided to speak to him about him getting a job. He wasn’t in the mood for that discussion.

He would argue with me about it and never wanted to speak about it. After a while, I gave up.

I was basically dating a loser because after we stopped speaking, a little birdie told me he dropped out of college on his last year, still doesn’t have a job, and still has no money.

I definitely dodged a bullet. He still calls and texts me, but I’m like heck no, leave me alone.

After dating him, I decided to get rid of Tinder because I just wasn’t into it. Fast forward to just a couple months ago, I met Mr. Luke.

Mr. Luke is tall, blonde haired, and blue eyes. We talked for maybe about two weeks when we finally decided to go on a date.

We decided to go to a sports bar. I was really nervous because at that point, I hadn’t been on a date in forever.

I must have changed my outfit like a thousand times, but who cares. When I finally arrived at the sports bar, I began to get even more nervous.

He ended up parking behind me and I saw him walking towards the entrance so I decided to meet him inside.

We gave each other a hug, you know, the usual hello thing. We sat down, ordered drinks and food, and began to get to know each other.

After about an hour, things shifted a bit and I can’t explain why. He kept texting and texting.

He would pick up his phone, send a text message, put it down, and he would look at me and say sorry. He did that a couple times and I started to get annoyed.

I did let it go because we had a good time. After dinner, we said our good-byes and he asked me if I could text him when I got home to make sure I made it okay and so I did.

We talked about a second date, but that never happened and let me tell you why. Actually, I really don’t know why.

I would send him Snapchats here and there, but he wouldn’t respond. I really don’t get it because we talked about a second date, but I left it alone.

Fast forward to a month ago, I met K.C. He’s a country boy which was one reason for why I liked him, but there were other reasons as well.

The reasons for liking him were that he was hard working, we had similar taste in music, he was a gentleman, and we just got along really well.

It seemed like things were getting to the point where I can say we were dating. He asked me to keep some of my things at his apartment just in case I decided to spend the night.

He constantly kept saying he couldn’t wait to know who I am. There were signs there that I knew things between us could turn into a relationship until recently.

He stopped responding to my text messages. He would comment on a Snapchat I had posted, but he still never responded to my text messages.

After a couple days of not speaking, I needed to know what was going on so I decided to text him to figure it out.

It definitely wasn’t what I was expecting. The situation wasn’t resolved.

He didn’t justify why he wasn’t responding. He basically kept saying he was upset that I didn’t respond back to a message he sent on Snapchat.

I couldn’t believe he was upset for one message, but I was even more upset because I sent him way more messages that he didn’t respond too.

I apologized to him, if he felt some way about me not responding, but I was upset even more because I had sent it way more text messages.

After I apologized, he never responded to my apology. At that point, I was really confused and still have no idea what is going on, but I decided to leave it alone and move forward from it.

There isn’t any explanation of why people are a certain way, but just know your worth and never settle for less than you deserve.

After so many failing attempts at online dating, I finally gave up on it. I’m not saying don’t try it just because I haven’t had any luck with it.

What I am saying is just be careful. There might be many successes out there and I’m sure they are happy, but as for me, I am completely done with online dating.

It definitely a nay for me. What about you?

Amanda Gollaz

Opinions Contributor

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