Lady Gaga Wows the Super Bowl Crowd

Elizabeth Granato

February 6th, 2017

The halftime performance is always an iconic moment during the Super Bowl. This year, Lady Gaga was tapped to perform. In true Lady Gaga fashion, she did not disappoint. Here’s a quick summary of her performance.

The halftime show began with Lady Gaga a top the stadium singing a medley of “God Bless America”, “This Land is Your Land”, and recited a portion of the Pledge of Allegiance. Behind her, red, white, and blue drones flew around eventually creating the American flag. Then she comes down from the ceiling of the stadium Mission Impossible style (or SpongeBob style according to the memes all over social media) and went right into “Poker Face”. Lady Gaga donned a glitter beaded one piece number that she wore for a majority of the routine. While singing this song, she was still strapped to the wires gliding and flipping through the air. Eventually, she flipped down and started singing “Born This Way”. With what is currently going on in the country, the performance certainly made an impact and stood out. She then began to sing her 2009 hit song, “Telephone”. Throughout the performance, the crowd on the field jumped around, clapped, and waved their colored light objects that they were holding. Much of the choreography for each song was the same from her music videos.

Moving on, she began to sing her first number one hit, “Just Dance”. She put on a gold, glittery, and shoulder spiked jacket while playing the keytar. Lady Gaga then slowed things down with “Million Reasons”, a new song off her most recent album, Joanne. She moved to a different platform on the stage and played the piano while singing and talking to the crowd for a brief moment.

Lady Gaga wrapped up her performance singing “Bad Romance”. Before she made her way back to the main stage, she also had an outfit change. She changed into a white football shoulder pad crop top number with glitter bottoms and knee high boots. Her backup dancers wore similar outfits along with some of the dancers wearing headpieces which resembled football helmets. The crowd yet again partook in synchronized dance moves with their lights on the field. Fireworks lit up the sky and the routine came to a close with Lady Gaga doing a mic drop and jumping off the staircase catching a football.

Twitter immediately sounded off on her performance giving it rave reviews and saying that she crushed it. Was it the best Super Bowl halftime performance of all time? No, but it was certainly entertaining and will be remembered. In case you missed the performance, watch it here.


Elizabeth Granato

Senior Features Editor

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