Ken’s Sports Recap 3/20

March 20th, 2017

Fri, March 17

Men’s Volleyball

It’s been a difficult season for the men’s volleyball team. Wins are far and few between and their 5-13 record really exemplifies this. To add to their misfortune, the Cougars had to face up against 14-7 Lourdes University, a team who’s been killing it as of late. Will SXU hold up? Well…no they won’t as they fell to the team 3 sets to 0 (25-19, 25-12, 25-9 respectively). SXU simply couldn’t keep up with the offensive prowess of Lourdes. In each of the sets, Lourdes went on lengthy run of 5 points or more that really help them sustain their momentum and drains SXU’s hope. Despite the loss, junior Kevin Mayer turned in a good game. Mayer racked up 6 kills and a pair of assists.

Sat, March 18

Men’s Volleyball

Things aren’t all bad for the Cougars. After matching up with a tough team in Lourdes University, SXU catches a break as they match up against the 4-19 Lawrence Technological University. To add to this good fortune, SXU was able to rack up a win against LTW 3 sets to 0 (25-17, 25-15, 25-17 respectively). Sean Barry led the way with an impressive 7 kills.

The team returns back to action on Tuesday at home as they compete in a conference matchup against heated rival Cardinal Stretch University. For a recap of that game keep it locked here at the Xavierite

Men’s Baseball

The men had a bad weekend. Firstly, they had to leave sunny Florida and get readjusted to the rapid switch off between snowstorms, sun, and thunderstorms. Not only this, but the men had to compete in a double header against Indiana Wesleyan University. To put the icing on the cake, in what was supposed to be a home game for the Cougars was turned into an away game as the soil at home was unfit for play. Oh, and did I mention that SXU lost…both games. The first game was a bit closer contested, yet, SXU lost that one 8 runs to 5. The Cougars started off strong tying the game at 5-3, but Indian flipped a switch scored 5 straight, ultimately leading to a game 1 win for them.

Game 2 was much of the same with SXU coming out strong, but Indiana Wesleyan soon scratched back. Indiana scored 4 straight to put them up in the half, and scored 2 more at the top of the 7th that ended in a 6-2 win for them.

With the baseball team struggling, there must be something the blame. This “blame” should be placed on the fact that the men have yet to play at home despite being 23 games in the season. This coming Tuesday, SXU has a chance to play at home against Davenport University. It is my firm belief that once SXU gets their first home game out the way, they will turn their luck around and rack up some much needed dubs.

For a recap of that game and many others, keep it locked here at the Xavierite.

Kenneth Washington

 Sports Editor

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