“Jessie Reyez’s Kiddo Ends the Hunger Strike for Good Music”

Susan Huerta

September 27th, 2017

Kiddo Album Cover Islands Records

Reyez offers something unique to her album that sets her apart from the present day R&B artists, and that has to do with her sweet, raspy voice and bold style. She demonstrates a layer of confidence in the way she presents herself. The twenty-six year old is most notable for allowing herself to be so vulnerable in her music. Reyez isn’t afraid to express her real emotions.

Her song “Figures”, that has 8.6 millions views on Youtube alone, discusses how distruat her mind was left after a heartbreak, and her disbelief that her partner could let her down even after she offered everything she could into that relationship. This is not just another cliche, overrated love song. She brings rage and frustration to the center of attention, making her song more relatable to the human condition.

In her song “Gatekeeper”, it must be warned there is strong use of profanity. However, it only solidifies the reality of her experience of a woman struggling to make it big in the music industry. She discusses how some men in the industry exploit women who work under them. These particular men feed these women the misconception that their only way of reaching fame is with their help, and in return for their help they seek sexual favors. The song can easily be appreciated for it’s social commentary on a subject that is commonly looked over in her field of work, compared to other artist in her genre who redundantly discuss mindless drinking, irrational partying, and meaningless sex.

Reyez is impressively creative when it comes to the component of her music that does not involve her vocals as well. Each song is distinguishable from one another, and offers a beat that enables her audience to engage one hundred ten percent. Her music is good music, something most have been craving for ever since pop music has taken a turn for the worse. Nowadays, most music on the radio lacks originality, exhausting the same sounds and concepts. Reyez offers something refreshing.

The Canadian raised singer, born to Colombian parents, subtly manages to bring up her heritage and the admirable love she has for her father.  She is true to herself and her music shows it. A legitimate connection can be made with her and her audience. Disappointingly, the album only features seven songs, but every song is definitely holds its own ground differentiating in topic and sound.

The album was officially released last April and began reaching popularity in the U.S as of earlier this month. The album can easily be rated four out of five stars for it’s authenticity and individuality. However, Reyez creates the ultimate music cliff hanger when she decided to release an album with so few songs.

Kiddo being the title of the singer’s debut is derived from the fact it is her first, serious music project. The fact that her very first album is not only sophisticated in terms of purpose and individuality, but successful truly makes me look forward to hear more from her. The album is a “must hear”.

Susan Huerta

Features Reporter

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