Is He Really Interested In Me?

Amanda Gollaz

September 27th, 2017

Women always question whether a man is really interested in them. They start to question themselves. What did I do? What did I say? Did I say something wrong? Did he not like the way I looked?

Ladies, stop questioning yourselves. Nowadays, men aren’t open to telling you their true feelings.

Men will string you along, compliment you, and tell you things he knows that would keep you to play along.

A person can tell someone is interested in you when you receive good morning texts, texts you out of nowhere just to hear about how your day is going. He would put in so much effort to prove he’s one-hundred percent interested.

Truth is, he definitely put you in the friend zone if he didn’t exactly say “we’re dating.” Here is some advice.

Men won’t truly say how they are feeling towards you. You definitely have to make the first move.

It is definitely hard to make the first move, but making the first move will help you find out the answer to “what are we?”

The “what are we?” question is usually asked by the girl because men just go with it. Asking the question is important because a guy can lead a girl on for a while and she has no idea she was in the friend zone from the get-go.

Let me tell you a story about a close friend, who decided she wanted to be anonymous. She had a huge crush on a guy, who from the beginning I knew wasn’t good enough for her, but you can only support her decision to continue talking to him.

He continued to make her smile, give her compliments, and he even took her to a baseball game. They continued to talk for a long time.

In my opinion, he seemed completely interested, but he never was. She really wanted to ask the “what are we” question. She asked me for advice and as a best friend, I definitely told her the truth.

My advice to her was to ask him the question because we all know he wasn’t going too. She finally texted him and asked the question.

I’m sure everyone knows what happened. Yup, he definitely friendzoned her. He told her he should have told her from the beginning that he just wanted a friendship and nothing more.

After all the compliments, speaking all day every day, and going on dates, he managed to put her in the friend zone. If you ask me, he definitely lead her on for months.

Do you want my advice? After a couple dates, it doesn’t hurt to ask him after the third date or when you guys have been seeing each other for months.

It is hard to ask the question because you’re used to how things are between you guys. I know you’re afraid to lose that, but it’s for your sake that you ask soon because he will be stringing you around.

A woman can know when a man is interested when he would do anything to make you smile and put in the effort you deserve. He isn’t interested when he texts you during a random hour; usually at night.

He definitely put you in the friend zone when he stops texting and there isn’t effort to go on dates. Ladies, that is when you run away from men like that.

I can also say the same thing about women because women’s behavior is just as careless. Nowadays, it is hard to determine if you’re dating, in a relationship, or just friends, but just be honest with the person.

Dating is never easy, but it takes communication between one another. Again, my advice to you is to question him of “relationship”, but not too much questions that he’ll put you in the friend zone real quick.

Let me tell you another story that involves myself. Recently, I started a job working at a hospital and I met Mr. Doctor.

He has blonde hair and bright, blue eyes. We started communicating through Facebook and then Snapchat.

We began communicating almost everyday. We would talk about each other interests, you know, the typical getting to know you questions.

We would see each other at the clinic, talk for a bit, and give each other hugs.

In my head, I thought things were going good between us until I finally had the courage to ask the “what are we” question. Of course, we never gone on a date, but we did talk like we were dating.

After the sent the message, my heart felt like it was about to rip out of my chest of how nervous I was. I got even more nervous when I saw he had read the message.

The anticipation was killing me, but I saw he had responded, after an hour or so. He said that I was a pretty, intelligent, and kind girl.

He said he definitely liked seeing me at the clinic, but he said he doesn’t date people he works with.

Keep in mind, I only saw him at the clinic once or twice a week. Obviously, I wouldn’t mess with his career because that’s very important, but he never gave it a chance.

I didn’t respond to what he had said to me because I didn’t know exactly what to say to him. After two weeks had past, he decided to send me a message on Facebook asking how I was.

I did respond and we’ve been talking more and more. Recently, he did give me his number and I gave him mine.

Our “friendship” is definitely different. He still compliments me and still asks personal questions. I have no idea where this is going or if it’s going anywhere, but as for now, he is definitely someone I can talk to on the side. Two can play that game.

Amanda Gollaz

Opinions Contributor

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