Heritage Ball 2017: An SXU Tradition

Cheyanne Daniels

October 4th, 2017

SXU Students at the 2017 Herotage Ball Facebook.com

Homecoming 2017 was an exciting week. While some events were new, like the Virtual Reality and the Photobooth with newly inaugurated President Joyner, events like the Heritage Ball were annual traditions.

Hosted by Student Life, the annual Heritage Ball is an invite-only night of dancing and free food.

This year’s Heritage Ball was at the Beverly Country Club.

Student leaders came together to celebrate President Joyner’s inauguration, the 2017 O’Brien Medallion Recipients, and the night before the big game against Taylor University (which the Cougars won, 24-20).

This year’s DJs played a plethora of songs for students and faculty to dance to, many of them throwbacks like Remix to Ignition and The Cupid Shuffle, while also throwing in a few classics like Beyonce’s Crazy in Love and Michael Jackson’s Thriller, of which a total of three people actually danced to.

But whether they knew the dance or not, students all expressed how much fun they had.

Monica, a junior and a Cougar Peer Educator, says she was at the Heritage Ball to celebrate homecoming.

“On a scale of one to ten on how much fun I’m having, I’m at a 15. No, I’m at a 17….a 2017! I’ve been to three Heritage Balls, and they’re always so much fun, but I’m going to say that this year is actually my favorite year,” Monica said.

Jessica, a sophomore, says “I didn’t get to go to the Heritage Ball last year, but some of my friends did and they said it was a lot of fun so this year I decided to go and I’m really glad I did.”

Jessica continued, saying, “I hope I’ll get to meet some new people and make new friends and all that.”

As she was dancing, another sophomore named Patricia said, “This is my first time being able to go to the Ball and I am so happy I did. I am having so much fun right now, as you can tell since I’m still dancing!”

Sophomores Adam and Carina both said what they were most impressed by was the food.

“I was really impressed, I didn’t know what to expect but it was actually really good!” Adam said.

“Yeah, I wanted to actually go back and have seconds,” Carina admitted, “But the music is good, too, even though it’s kind of all over the place with different genres and all that.”

Adam agreed, saying, “I think they’re just trying to give the students a variety of songs to dance to.”

It wasn’t just students dancing, though. Assistant Vice President of Student Affairs, Carrie Schade, and Assistant Vice President in Career Services, Jean Riordan, were both at the ball.

Also in attendance were Vice President of Student Affairs/Dean of Students, Tony Campbell, and Alexa Zaharris, the Associate Director of Student Activities.

Even President Joyner, her husband, and their two sons were caught dancing!

Overall, Heritage Ball was a night of food, fun, and dancing that student leaders were happy to be a part of.

At the end of the night, senior student, Rachel Brooks said, “These are the moments that make SXU great!”

Cheyanne Daniels

News Editor

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