Halloween Movies are the Best Part of October

The Authentic Perspective

October 28th, 2016

screamtv_topHalloween movies just might be the best part of October. Every TV station plays some sort of Halloween movie at some point during the day, and usually runs marathons on weekends and during the days leading up to the 31st. TV stations, in my humble opinion, are in their prime in the month of October, when they play Halloween movies non-stop.

There is a wide variety of movies that are considered “Halloween movies,” and anyone can find something playing that they like. Besides the common scary movies being played for all the horror-lovers, there are also a lot of fun and family-orientated movies being played. There are children’s movies- like Casper or Spookley the Square Pumpkin- on some channels, and really blood-filled, gory movies- like Insidious or Scream-on others, for the braver adults.

A lot of classic Halloween movies are also played during October. And the word “classic,” when it comes to Halloween movies, has a wide definition for the person viewing it. There are old, black-and-white and primitively scary movies being played, such as the Bride of Frankenstein and Nosferatu. But there are also the classic 90’s movies being played for the common nostalgic teenager or young adult, such as Halloween Town and Hocus Pocus.

Halloween movies are definitely at the top of the food chain of all holiday movies. There is always some type of Halloween movie being played during October, and if you cannot find one that you know you like, there are so many other ones to discover.

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Jill Augustine 

It is not too late to catch some last-minute Halloween movies this weekend! Click here  to see the Halloween TV Movie Schedule for FreeForm, Disney, AMC and Syfy. 

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