Election Day Should Be a National Holiday

The Authentic Perspective

November 6th, 2016

2016-election-logoNovember 8th is an important day in America-it is Election Day. However, Election Day is not a national holiday. It is time that Election Day should be declared a national holiday.

The most argued reason for this is that many working Americans find it difficult to get to the polls. Because Election Day is on a Tuesday, many Americans are unable to take time off of work for various reasons to go to the polls, and therefore, skip out on voting. And while early voting has helped alleviate this issue to some extent, not every state has early voting opportunities.

Declaring Election Day a national holiday will not only give everyone a better, easier opportunity to vote, but declaring this important day in our country a national holiday would better display our commitment and interest in the role we play in the government and politics. Overall, more people would be able to vote, and more people would actually be interested in doing so, as well. The sooner Election Day becomes a national holiday, the better the outcomes of Election Day will be.

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Jill Augustine

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