Destress Events at Saint Xavier

Cheyanne Daniels

November 29th, 2017

Family of Dogs –

As the semester winds down and finals approach, students can look forward to a few things to help them destress.

On Thursday, November 30, students can stop by the Student Lounge to see Lucky and Pals!

The popular therapy dogs will in the lounge from 10am to 11:30am. Students can come in and let the cute little dogs take away all their finals stress.

The therapy dogs bring an overwhelming sense of positivity to the school, and almost all the writers and editors of the Xavierite and WXAV had something they wanted to say about the therapy dogs.

“I only saw the therapy dogs once this semester,” Gisselle Lopez, a senior and Xavierite Features Editor, said, “but it was a good calming experience to have.

“There’s just something so calming about being able to sit there and have the dogs. They’re like live teddy bears! Even the big ones. Especially the big ones!”

“It’s always a joy to have the therapy dogs in,” Elizabeth Granato, the Xavierite Editor-in-Chief and student worker, both in the Career and Counselling Center, explained, “They bring so much joy to the students!”

“Therapy dogs are helpful during such a stressful time like finals week,” Shadia Judeh says.

“I think it’s intersting to see that dogs have their own personalities and they’re incredibly intelligent,” Xavieite Sports Editor Mike Rankin says.

 “If stealing a dog wasn’t a crime, I would do it,” WXAV Music Director, Sean Anderson, said.

Therapy dogs are provided by the Counseling Center.

Anyone who needs more help with destressing can contact the Center at 773-298-3131, or by visiting the modular unit behind Pacelli Hall between the hours of 8:30am to 4:30pm, Monday through Friday.

Students can also look forward to some free food the week of finals!

At the end of every semester, Saint Xavier Council and Student Affairs host a late night breakfast on the first day of finals.

This year’s Finals Breakfast will be on Monday, December 4 from 10pm to 11:30pm in the Diner.

The late night breakfast will help students unwind and relax as they study for their week of finals.

At the breakfast, there will be a trail mix bar for students to create their own mixed bag of snacks.

“It’s great that the school offers us food to help carry us through these stressful times of finals,” senior Phil Bridges said about the Finals Breakfast.

“It’s been nice being here for the past four years, where the school consistently shows they care about us students, especially at this time of year,”

“Out of all the events I worked here,” Peter Kreten, Director of Student Media, said, “Finals Breakfast is the one that’s a lot of fun.

“It’s a nice treat for the students and it’s actually a lot of fun. The interaction with the students and the free food is really what makes it fun. Plus, it signals the end of the semester and the start of break!”

Students are encouraged to wear their pajamas to the breakfast this year.

Saint Xavier Council will be choosing the person wearing the best pajamas and awarding them a special prize!

All food provided is FREE!

Cheyanne Daniels

News Editor

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