Celebrity Outcry to Tragic Shooting in Las Vegas

Susan Huerta

October 4th, 2017

 This past Sunday the unimaginable happened when Stephan Paddock shot endless gunfire through the thirty second floor window of his hotel room in the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino. The shots fired were aimed directly towards the Route 91 Harvest Music festival immediately resulting in the death of over fifty country music fans and injuring at least five hundred more.

    Paddock, a wealthy retired accountant, leaves his family dumbfounded by the incident. Even detectives find themselves searching cluelessly for a motive. Police retrieved twenty three guns from his hotel room, and another nineteen from his home along with other frightening explosives.

    The main act at the Vegas music festival, Jason Aldean tweeted a post expressing how broken his heart was by the massacre. He also used the post to inform the public that he and his crew survived the event. He spoke about seeing children, young fans, sitting on their parents shoulders enjoying the concert and what a shame it is that what was supposed to be a fun night turned out to be one of the deadliest killings in modern U.S. history.

    Other artist who performed on that unpredictable evening expressed similar ideas in tweets as well. Chris Young acknowledged how lucky he is to be alive and Big&Rich sent their prayers to suffering families in Vegas.

    Lady Gaga tweeted early Monday morning. “This is terrorism plain and simple. Terror bares no race, gender, or religion. Democrats & Republicans please unite now. #guncontrol.”  Later on she expressed in a tweet that although prayers are crucial during times like this, legislative figures need to take matter (gun control) into their own hands. Gaga also arranged a twenty minute of silence and meditation through twitter live encouraging people from all over the world to connect. The objective is to calm inflammation of the world by calming individuals themselves.

    Baseball star, Kris Bryant, Chicago Cubs’ third baseman expressed his grief for his home town. He is grateful his family is safe and sends his prayers to families affected. He is entering playoffs with heartache instead of excitement.  

    Bubba Derby, a twenty three year old minor league pitching prospect was actually at the music festival during the time of the event. He and his family ran to a House of Blues tent to take cover from the massive loads of gun fire. He commented on how people were helping one another without hesitation. He witnessed peopled carrying other wounded individuals on their back trying to escape without leaving any one person behind. He described those moments to  be “refreshing to see on such a negative, negative day.”

    WWE Monday night Raw began its show by asking all audience and their entire backstage roster to come together in a moment of silence to honour and mourn the victims of the Las Vegas massacre. The televised series of wrestling matches is viewed by over a million people worldwide.

    Countless celebrities posted on various social media expressing their sorrow and disappointment towards the shameful hatred that is present in the United States. Sending prayers and love to those who need it most seems to be every individual’s main concern. Hopefully Americans can learn from this tragedy and take action to prevent future terror attacks that not only emerge over seas but within our borders as well.

Susan Huerta

Features Reporter

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