Can I Trust You With My Heart?

Amanda Gollaz

September 20th, 2017

Nowadays, people have trouble dating or being in a committed relationship. Why? Apparently, men and women cannot trust one another. Trust cannot be built in a day, but it can be lost in an instant. According to the men that were interviewed, men cannot trust women who have guy friends and vice versa.

Men believe if their partner has a guy friend, her guy friend will fall in love with her. Men and women say there is some attraction between friends, but it’s not the case for me.

My best friend Matt and I have been friends for over a year or so. We have never been on a date and we have never been attracted to one another in a different way. Currently he is in a committed relationship. We communicate through text, speak over the phone, and hang out. His girlfriend is totally okay with us being best friends because there is trust between them.

On the other hand, it may not be okay for some couples or may I say, previous couples. My ex-boyfriend was never okay with me having guy friends. Apparently, men always want more than a friendship. This is why we are exes. There wasn’t any trust between us.

For men and women, it is more attractive when a person is in a committed relationship because they know exactly what they are looking for in a person. According to this anonymous person, he was asked if he ever spoke to multiple women at the same time. He said, “I will only talk to multiple girls if I’m developing a friendship and nothing more.”  But did he tell them that before leading them on? Apparently, he did “unintentionally.”

Okay ladies, can you trust a man who “unintentionally” led you to believe there could have been a relationship? I think not! Same goes for women as well. Men wouldn’t be okay if women unintentionally lead them on. I also decided to interview couples who are dating and couples who are married. Couples who have been dating; it’s harder to trust someone than married couples.

Dating couples say if they don’t trust someone, it’s easier to just walk away and leave the relationship. As for married couples, they try harder to make it work if it means counseling or other forms of communication.

It’s difficult to determine what trust really is in relationship because some couples say trusting their partner is no passwords on their phones so their partner can see what’s inside their phone, but then others say their partner should trust them so keep the phones locked.

The definition of “trust” is having full confidence in a person, but for me, I don’t believe couples trust someone one-hundred percent. There is always some kind of doubt and questioning what their significant other is doing, who are they talking too, etc.

Trust isn’t built in a day, but once it’s built it can be taken away for dishonesty. Can we really trust someone 100% with our hearts? Everyone has their own opinions, mine is wondering how would someone know if someone else is interested in them? I wonder. Stay tuned for another article in the next issue of The Xavierite.

Amanda Gollaz

Opinions Contributor

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