“Bangerz” is not so Banging

October 8th, 2013

The highly anticipated “Bangerz” by Miley Cyrus was released recently and I just…I don’t know. This girl did a great job at hyping up a terrible album. Have you heard “We Can’t Stop” and “Wrecking Ball”?

miley cyrus bangerz album coverIf so, you have no need to go ahead and listen to the rest of this album. I don’t say this because the rest of the songs sound like those. I say it more to save you time and money.

Besides the two singles off this album, the rest of the album is a joke. (Minus one other song, but I’ll get to that in a moment.) This album is just all over the place. It’s like Miley Cyrus has not only split her personality into Hannah and Miley, but now there’s this weird new personality that dresses like she’s a hip-hop backup dancer with grillz. This album is pop, hip-hop, country, and dance(?). I’m lost when I listen to this album.

The album kicks off with the one song that I actually like on the album, “Adore You”, but I don’t understand why this would be the first song. The song is slow and has a bit of an R&B feel. The song is good, but really a terrible song to start the album with. Usually the slow songs are in the middle of the tracklist. You would think a pop sensation like Miley would kick her album off with something upbeat like “We Can’t Stop”.

“Bangerz” has some hilariously awful songs. Some of the best of the worst include SMS (Bangerz) featuring Britney Spears, Love Money Party featuring Big Sean, and so, so many more.
My favorite horrible song would have to be 4×4 featuring Nelly. In this song, Miley throws on her cowboy boots and plays up the rebellious child in her. This song is just so perfectly horrid to me because of the one line that gets me every time, “driving so fast about to piss on myself”. WHAT?

I could go on for hours about how terrible this album is, but that is exactly what she would want. So no, I will not give Miley that satisfaction. You tricked us, Miley. We thought you’d give us something interesting, not this sack of crap. Seriously though, avoid listening to this album at all costs.

Lauren Dwyer
Senior Features Editor

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