A Look Back at My Time at the Xavierite

Written by: Michael Rankin Sports Editor

November 29th, 2017

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The Xavierite offers the perfect opportunity for students to better their craft as journalists. For those who plan on working in media, Saint Xavier’s student newspaper uses appropriate methods that mirror professional news organizations and will give an individual a leg up on the competition in a very competitive field.

My name is Michael Rankin, I am the Sports Editor at the Xavierite and I will be graduating in a matter of days. Working for the newspaper was one of the most rewarding and enjoyable experiences of my life.

I would like to share my involvement with the Xavierite in hopes that it resonates with those who have a passion for writing and want an opportunity in journalism.

I will begin with the fact that the student newspaper was a prime foundation as to why I chose to attend Saint Xavier in the first place.

Following my first semester as a junior at Trinity Christian College, I pondered whether I was truly on the right path. I had a passion for sports, I had a passion for writing, but I did not have an outlet to produce material.

I transferred to Saint Xavier in January of 2016 and my first stop on campus was the Xavierite office. I was met by Brian Laughran, the then Editor-in-Chief, who currently contributes to “The Reporter” as a movie critic.

My time as a journalist started as an unpaid sports writer, but I was privileged to learn under some of the brightest minds the paper has ever employed.

Ultimately, my experiences in my first semester at the Xavierite led me to be Sports Editor the following school year.

I was fortunate to cover multiple seasons of competitive Cougar sports. Under my beat, success stories included: a baseball conference championship, softball and women’s basketball earning national runner-up honors in its respective NAIA tournaments, a cross country national champion, a women’s volleyball conference championship, and a football conference championship.

The brilliant aspect about writing for the Xavierite is the freedom and confidence the Editor-in-Chief allows her employees to operate under. Elizabeth Granato deserves as much credit as the writers in making the student newspaper a success.

Peter Kreten, meanwhile, implements a top down philosophy that establishes a contagious culture among his students. The atmosphere within the office on a daily basis is upbeat and positive, which is in large part thanks to the Director of Student Media.

As a result, new and veteran employees are welcomed to a friendly work space that ultimately influences a strong work ethic. The outcome is a consistent quality product that students and faculty can rely on.

The Xavierite is a perfect extracurricular activity to get involved in. Not only will getting involved improve an individual’s resume and portfolio, he or she will also make plenty of friends in the process.

When I look back at my time with student media, my biggest takeaway relates to all the relationships built along the way. From members of Saint Xavier athletics, to coworkers in the office, the Xavierite has enriched my life with confident, driven, and intelligent people.

Thank you for reading and allowing the Xavierite to provide you news. At the Xavierite, we do our best to not let you down.

Letter to the Editor Policy

Here at The Xavierite, we try to represent the thoughts and opinions of the student body and Saint Xavier community within our Opinions section.
If you feel that there is a story that should have been covered and was not or if you have criticism or concerns about our coverage, the best way to voice your opinion directly is through a Letter to the Editor.

If you are a student be sure to include your name and major in the email. If you are a member of the staff or faculty be sure to provide your name and title/position.

We are always searching for feedback. All thoughts and opinions are greatly appreciated.

Letters may be edited for content if they contain profanity, libel or do not otherwise correspond with ethical practices in journalism.

Letters may also be printed at the editor’s discretion.

Written by: Michael Rankin Sports Editor


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